Matt Bellamy Says He's "Definitely Having A Baby"

Matt Bellamy from Muse joins Harms backstage at the 2020 ALTer Ego show presented by Capital One to talk about artists he saw at ALTer Ego and reveals baby plans with wife Elle Evans.

Performances Matt Bellamy wanted to see at ALTer Ego:

I just checked out Travis hitting those drums. Billie Eilish is amazing as well. I came here to see her because I have never seen her before and she just blew me away.

On taking a year off:

Matt Bellamy: I think I am probably going to have a baby I think.
Harms: Is that probably or definitely?
Matt Bellamy: It is definitely.
I'm going to chill out and have some family time and then maybe towards the end of the year maybe write new songs and start a new album.

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