Here's Zack de la Rocha in the Gym Getting Ready to Rage

Not that we would expect anything less - but it's nice to Zach will be 100% prepared for the 2020 RATM shows

From COS:

de la Rocha’s personal trainer, Andres Fajardo, has posted a series of Instagram videos documenting their workouts. “It’s been a surreal experience to train Zack De La Rocha for the past 3+ years. Now for the past 3 months we’ve been training to get him right for shows and getting back on stage with #rageagainstthemachine Let’s get it!!!” Fajardo wrote to caption the post.

In another post, Fajardo complimented de la Rocha on his “daily dedication” to the workouts, which mostly focus on conditioning and agility. “We are training to take on a host of shows coming up starting at the end of March! Making sure the body can take it on and continue to impact the world and give the people great performances!”

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