Billie Eilish Will (Probably) Perform the "In Memoriam" Segment at Oscars

Around the time Billie Eilish was winning ALL of the Grammy's a couple of weeks ago - it was also announced that she would be performing at the Academy Awards this year. Usually, those kind of performances are only reserved for musicians that are nominated. Billie is not nominated.

So there are two theories

1) She is going to debut the new James Bond theme song that's coming at some point in 2020


2) She is performing during the "In Memoriam" montage

(or i guess she could do the Bond song during "In Memoriam"....but that seems like too much)

As of right now - the whole thing is a big secret. Jimmy Fallon tried to get Billie's bro Finneas to talk about it earlier this week (see below)

It hit me today (and I mean this with 100% respect)

Doesn't her vibe fit "In Memoriam"?

Especially when so many eyeballs will be on that segment - considering we just lost Kirk Douglas, Kobe Bryant (Oscar winner) and so many others in the last year

AND..her new song lyrically and sonically is just perfect (see below)

The whole thing just fits

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