The White Stripes Will Share Unreleased Material for 'De Stijl' Anniversary

The White Stripes In Concert

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of De Stijl, The White Stripes have announced the details of a companion album.

There will be a lot of treasures on the double album like Jack White's original acoustic boombox demos, live recordings, B-sides and covers.

It'll only be available through the Third Man Records Vault subscription service, however.

LP 1 Tracklist:

1. Truth Doesn’t Make a Noise

2. A Boy’s Best Friend

3. Sister, Do You Know My Name?

4. I’m Bound to Pack It Up

5. Expecting

6. Vanilla Fields

7. Piano Octaves

8. You’re Right, I’m Wrong

9 I Just Don’t Know What to Do With Myself

LP 2 Tracklist:

1. Let There Be Rock (AC/DC cover)

2. Dog Eat Dog (AC/DC cover)

3. You’re Pretty Good Looking (For a Girl)

4. Hello Operator

5. Death Letter

6. Little Bird

7. Lord, Send Me An Angel

8. Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground

9. Apple Blossom

10. Broken Bricks

11. Cannon

12. Truth Doesn’t Make a Noise

13. Jolene

14. I’m Bored

15. Let’s Build a Home / Goin’ Back to Memphis

16. Suzy Lee

17. After Hours (Velvet Underground cover)

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