Custom Coronavirus Mask Will Let You Unlock Your iPhone

Yes - it's kind of a joke

But 1000 people have signed up

Protect yourself from coronavirus with a mask that looks like your face to buy one - so is it?

From CNET:

The more personalized mask, perfectly named Resting Risk Face, would make you easily recognizable among the anonymous global mask-wearing throngs trying to stay safe from the novel coronavirus that leads to the illness COVID-19. It would, its creator says, also let you unlock your device with your visage without having to lower your mask and breathe in offending germs.

"Be protective and be recognized," reads the website for the product. "It's so easy."

If it sounds like a joke,Danielle Baskin, the designer and visual artist behind the concept, acknowledges the dystopian humor. Still, she's seen genuine interest in her idea, with more than 1,000 people currently on the waiting list to buy one.

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