'Office' Fans: Jenna Fischer Reveals Details of Jim's Teapot Note To Pam


For years, fans of The Office have wondered what Jim's note inside the teapot said.

Jenna Fischer recently gave some more details of the infamous Christmas present on the latest episode of Office Ladies, the podcast she co-hosts with Angela Kinsey.

This week they dove into "Christmas Party", where Jenna revealed the contents of the note.

If you remember in that episode, Jim hides the note last-minute not wanting to ruin their friendship, but the note re-appears in season 9, episode 22.

Jenna mentions in the podcast, “There’s a scene where Jim has the documentary film crew put together footage of their romance, and he shows it to Pam. Pam sees that there was a note Jim steals back, then he hands it to her and she reads it. I’m going to say something that I’ve never said before, I also feel like I’m maybe going to cry, sort of. I’m the only one who knows [what was written in the note] and John knows.”

Apparently Greg Daniels, creator, told John Krasinski he should write a real note to Fischer relaying how special their time together was to him.

Fischer continued, "“So I’m on camera and I open up this note that John’s written me and I just start crying, I just start bawling. The first take was probably not usable. It was the sweetest note and you know on camera Pam says, ‘I’ll never say what it said but just know it was perfect? ’Well I’ll never say exactly what John wrote, but I will say just know it was perfect.”

Pam + Jim forever.

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