7-Eleven Introduces the "Peeps" Slurpee

I'm not into Peeps

and I'm really not into this

From Delish:

There are only a couple of pictures of the Peeps Slurpee circulating, so it looks like it was very recently added to the convenience store. According to a picture posted by Instagram account@alex_harmon, the Slurpee machine shows a purple Peeps bunny and yellow Peeps chick. The marshmallow-flavored Slurpee, as it appears, is white.

Now you’re probably wondering how a cold, icy drink could possibly taste good when it’s marshmallow-flavored. Well, dear reader, we’re thinking the same thing. Luckily, we have @alex_harmon to tell us that “it tastes like sour sugar.” We’re not sure if that makes us more or less confused, but if one thing is clear, wehaveto try a sip.

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