David Roback - co-Founder of Mazzy Star Has Died

Great band - great artist. He will be missed

From the LA Times

Roback and Hope Sandoval formed Mazzy Star in Santa Monica in 1989 after another group he had co-founded,Opal, broke apart. Mazzy Star’s biggest mainstream hit was 1994’s “Fade Into You,” which hit No. 44 on Billboard’s Hot 100 and No. 3 on its Modern Rock chart.

That song has since become a dreamy anthem of that era, appearing in the soundtracks for TV shows such as “Ray Donovan” and many others.

A producer, guitarist and keyboardist, Roback played a leading role in the neo-psychedelic revival of the 1980s and ’90s. He also formedRain Parade, one of the key bands in L.A.'s “paisley underground” scene of the early ’80s.

“I felt like a punk,”he told the L.A. Times’Robert Hilburn in 1990. “That’s the attitude I identified with. But when I picked up the guitar and started playing it, the music didn’t come out sounding punk. It was something else...”

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