Here are Some "Handshake Alternatives" That'll Help You Avoid Coronavirus

As coronavirus continues it's spread across the planet - people are being very cautious about touching other people

Handshakes, kisses - it's all a potential to get the disease

Here's what people are doing

From CNN:

New South Wales' health minister Brad Hazzard suggesting that Australian's "exercise a degree of care and caution with who you decide to kiss," encouraging people to give each other a pat on the back instead of a handshake.

Authorities in Italy, which is facing the largest outbreakin Europe, have stopped short of outright advising against physical contact, but have admitted that reducing contact might come as a challenge.

"We have a collective social life that is very florid, very expansive. We have lots of contact, we shake hands, we kiss each other, we hug each other," Italy's special commissioner for coronavirus Angelo Borrelli told reporters last month.

Etiquette coach William Hanson told CNN that greeting people in a "warm effusive style" would come across as polite in the absence of a handshake.

People should use an "open palmed gesture rather than a closed palm gesture... especially if you're greeting lots of people at a networking event or conference," Hanson said, adding that making eye contact should also be a priority.

"Let's stop shaking hands for a while. I prefer the traditional Southeast Asian hands-together namaste greeting, although the elbow bump is fun," Dr. Tom Freidan, former director of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC),wrote.

Here are some ideas:

Even state governors are rocking the elbow bump

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