You Have to Stop Touching Your Face - Here's How You Do That

By now - we've all heard about the importance of washing your hands regularly to help stop the spread of Coronavirus

Just as important - is touching your face as little as possible - which if you've ever tried - is VERY hard to do

From the LA TImes:

Touching our faces is a real health risk. So in this new world, not only is nose picking thought to be gross, but so is nose scratching, mouth touching and eye rubbing. All it takes is just one virus to hitch a ride on a contaminated finger and slip into the body through a nostril or a wet part of the face.

Then the virus can latch on, finding a human cell in the throat, nose or sinuses to hijack and destroy it, flooding the body with even more copies of itself. In critical illnesses, that one careless touch from an unwashed finger can begin a process of destroying lungs and kidneys and, in a worst-case scenario,trigger septic shock, multiple organ failureand make it impossible to breathe on your own.

  • Start being mindful when you do touch your face, catching yourself when — and, preferably, before — you do it.
  • If you catch yourself before touching your face, consider folding your hands or doing something else with them, suggestsone skin beauty care website.
  • Got an itch? Try to ignore it. If that’s bothersome, wash your hands, then scratch it, then wash your hands again. Or buy sterile wooden tongue depressors to use as a tool to scratch itches.
  • Perhaps consider wearing gloves. The latest food safety gloves can also be used on smartphone screens, and gloves might make you more conscious about touching your face.
  • Don’t get discouraged if it seems hard to learn how to not touch your face.

Good luck!

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