NC Woman Wanted To Celebrate 100th Birthday in Jail

A North Carolina woman was booked into jail on her 100th birthday. And no, her arrest didn't come at the hands of a elderly-hating cop; she actuallywantedto be arrested.

Roxboro resident Ruth Bryant says she's always wondered what it's like to be arrested, but never had the opportunity. So, for her 100th birthday, she contacted the Pierson County Sheriff's Office and placed her unusual request -- and the sheriff signed off on it.

So two deputies showed up at her assisted living home, put her in handcuffs and took her to jail, siren blaring and lights flashing, according to the sheriff's office.

After she had her mug shot taken and was locked in a cell, Bryant shouted, "I'm in the jail house now! I finally got here!," the sheriff's office reports. However, that was the extent of her visit.

Deputies then let her out of the cell and drove her home, where her friends were waiting to celebrate with her.

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