Glow in the Dark Tent Ropes are Now Here

Glow in the dark rope? Brilliant.

Sure you can use these on your tent

But there are so many ideas for Halloween too (Medusa?)

From Totally the Bomb:

They charge in full sunlight during the day, and then carry that charge for up to five hours during the night. That means, HOPEFULLY no tripping over tent ropes in the middle of the night!

These fifty feet of glow in the dark poly rope have more uses than there are space here for words. Polypropylene is the lightest all-purpose rope material and, as such, floats. In addition, it is very resistant to rot and mildew. For these reasons, you’ll be well served using it in the pool as a marker, for boating or other water sports, or for camping.

They are super easy to set up — just like normal tent ropes, really. You just put the stakes in the ground, and then tie the rope to one of the steaks. Voila!

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