SoCal Restaurant is Checking Customers’ Temperature at the Door


I understand what they are doing - and aren't mad at them for it

But - I don't think I could go to a restaurant that made me give my temperature.

From KTLA:

a Southern California Chinese restaurant chain, Sichuan Impression, is checking customers' temperatures before they can dine in their premises.

The business, which has one location each in Alhambra, Tustin and West L.A., announced taking the precautionary measure and offering a 5% discount to encourage to-go orders.

Sichuan Impression declared the move onInstagramon Jan. 26— more than a month beforeWashington state reportedthe first coronavirus death in the U.S.

Sichuan Impression said it had been watching the developments on the novel coronavirus in China. In the weeks that followed, Chinese businesses across the U.S. startedreportinga slump—an apparent result of the rising fear of the outbreak that first appeared in Wuhan, China.

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