"Peeps" Nail Polish is Here


From Delish:

We’re getting close to Easter which means it’sofficiallyPeeps season. Cruise through your local superstore and you’ll find Peeps chicks, Peeps bunnies, Peeps plushes, and more. Now, there’s one more thing to add to your Easter list: Peepsnail polish

These delicious-smelling polishes were spotted by Instagram account@DadBodSnacks, and he has mixed feelings about it.

“Uhhhh. I don’t get it. I know I’m a guy so nail polish is not in my toolbox of regularly used items but...@peepsbrandnail polish?! Was this necessary??” he wrote: “Plus, do Peepshave a specific smell? I think it’s just sugary marshmallows and anyone can make that smell.

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