Universal Studios' New 'Secret Life Of Pets' Ride Opens This Month

This seems like the world's fanciest Instagram filter

From LAist:

Opening Mar. 27, the new attraction is calledThe Secret Life of Pets: Off The Leash.

Its secret sauce: turning you adorable. It makes visitors into one of 15 different kinds of puppies, using facial recognition and gesture tracking to follow you throughout the ride and present your puppy self to you. (They experimented with morphing your face into a puppy, Universal creative senior director and executive producerJon Corfinosaid, but we can all be thankful theuncanny valleyresults aren't going to be seen at this time.)

We went on a hard-hat tour of the new attraction with Corfino, who detailed the ride's secrets as work was still being completed. The ride's story puts you in the place of a lost puppy, withyour rabbit friend Snowballhelping you to make your way to Adoption Day at the pet store.

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