Apple is Working on an "Unsend" Feature for Text Messages

I am 100% all in on this

From Business Insider:

Apple is reportedly testing a new feature that would let iPhone owners retract messages sent through iMessage, Apple's texting service that's built into the iPhone's Messages app, according toMacRumors. When a message is retracted, both the sender and recipient would be notified via fine print in the thread, says the report.

It's unclear, however, whether there will be a time limit as there is with Gmail. On Google's email service, you canadjust your settingsto choose whether you'd like to have the option of rescinding an email five, 10, 20, or 30 seconds after it's been sent.

Since this would be an iMessage feature, this capability would likely only work when sending texts to another iPhone, iPad, or Mac user — not those using Android devices. 

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