Quarantined Italians Sing Together Across Streets During Lockdown

Italy is such a beautiful place, with such beautiful people - it's terrible seeing them go through this

From classicfm.com

Confined to their homes, neighbours joined together to sing ‘Canto della Verbena’ (And While Siena Sleeps), a traditional folk song of Siena, across the Tuscan city streets.

The video (watch below) was shared on Twitter by writer David Allegranti, who said: “In Siena, the city to which I am very attached, you’re in your homes but you sing together as if you were on the street. I was moved.”

English composer and former Classic FM presenter Howard Goodallalso shared the video, saying: “As evening falls in locked-down Siena, citizens confined to their homes are singing together as if they are on the street. What a moving testament to the instinctively musical & open-hearted people of Italy.”

The Atlantic writer Rachel Donadio wrote: “This is beautiful. People closed in their houses in Siena, but singing together through the windows.”

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