Yale University Will Make It's Most Popular Class Available Online for Free

Forget all those stupid Netflix recommendations for this time in quarantine

Take this amazing class from Yale instead

From Business Insider:

Santos' course was a blend of abstract and concrete. It combined positive psychology with the real-life applications of behavioral science. It debunked popular notions of what makes people happy (like the luxury Mercedes-Benz status symbol) and helped students understand the habits they should build to lead truly happier, more fulfilled lives.

The course was launched in the US — home to supposedly only the 19th-happiest population in the world,according to the 2019 World Happiness Report— at one of the nation's most elite and high-pressure colleges.

The reaction was unprecedented. Psychology and the Good Life became the most popular class ever taught in Yale University's 317-year history, and garnered national and international media attention. The university reportedly had trouble staffing it, pulling fellows from the School of Public Health and the Law School to meet the demands.

Here's a piece

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