Americans Are Clogging Toilets With T-Shirts Due To No Toilet Paper!

Due to the toilet paper shortage, a new sign was spotted in Redding, California that after coronavirus the town needs everyone to ONLY FLUSH TOILET PAPER!

Last week, there was a clogged sewer line because people have been using wipes and shredded T-shirts as toilet paper. They stated "The sewer line that had plugged up last week was not substantially different than any other sewer blockage from people flushing products that they aren’t supposed to, just that it was during the toilet paper shortage and was intentionally flushed in lieu of traditional toilet paper."

If you are using something other that toilet paper, you must bag it, not flush it!! They want everyone to remember that toilet bowls are not trash cans. are not trashcans! If you are going to use something that is not paper, you must bag it, not flush it!!

What are your thoughts on this?

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