Check Out The Woody Show Giveaways This Week!

Listen to The Woody Show this week for your chance to win a $50 gift card to Shakeys!

Shakey’s Pizza, has been a family tradition for more than 65 years. Everybody has a Shakey’s story. Whether celebrating a birthday, sports league championship, or the weekly get-together with family and friends, Shakey’s has always been the go-to destination for great food and good times. And while times have changed, the Shakey’s tradition hasn't. Now more than ever, people crave comfort food at home to remind them of better days. Shakey’s Pizza Chicken & Mojos answers the calling with pickup and delivery options of the food the you love. 

What is Shakey’s doing for its community circa COVID-19?

1) Keeping people employed

2) Providing free meals to employees and their families

3) Shakey’s has transformed its business model, which was largely dine-in, to quickly and efficiently support 100% carryout and delivery

4) No contact curbside pickup where available

5) Outreach to first responders with special delivery meals

6) Creating new to-go packages for under $10/person:

a) Easter Family Feast packages to go. Feeds up to 4-6 for $39.99

b) Filling the graduation celebration gap with family grad packages to-go

c) Happy Hour kits to go for virtual hangouts with friends

On Thursday they will be giving away $100 giftcards to Dunkin' Donuts!

When you hear the cue to call, hit up The Woody Show at 800-782-7987 for your chance to win!

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