SNEAKY: Ticketmaster Just Changed Their Refund Policy

If you are one of the millions of people holding onto tickets to "postponed" events in the future - getting your money back just got more difficult

Which is bad news since Governor Newsome said earlier today that live concerts would be amongst the LAST thing getting back normal

COS outlines it beautifully:

Ticketmaster’s previous policy indicated that “refunds are available if your event is postponed, rescheduled or canceled, with the only exception reserved for MLB games and US Open events. However, the page was recently updated with new language which says only canceled events are eligible for refunds, and not “postponed or rescheduled” ones.

Ticketmaster doesn’t explicity address the change anywhere on its refunds page; instead,a separate policy page offers tips to those holding tickets to a postponed or rescheduled event.

“If an event organizer is offering refunds for postponed or rescheduled events, a refund link will appear on your Ticketmaster account,” the page reads. “Otherwise, you are encouraged to periodically check back online to see if the status of their event has changed.”

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