Pete Wentz Teases His New Project 'Cheap Cuts'

This is AWESOME!

Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz just teased a new project that he's working on called 'Cheap Cuts.'

Of course, all of us are confused on what this will entail, but we can't wait to see! We all know that Fall Out Boy is one of those bands to never just come out and say what they are up to.

From what we know, Wentz has been posting a lot on his Instagram page lately and he keeps tagging a profile called 'Cheap Cuts.'

He's also asking fans to RSVP to a pre-party for the apocalypse and to check your phone.

Any guesses on what this means? Check out the video below.

Don't forget Pete Wentz will be joining our ALT987fm Live Hump Day Happy Hour at 5pm!

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