Officials Dumping Sand Into Skate Parks to Discourage Use During Lockdown

Skateboarding is not a crime

(except is sorta is right now - if it's in a closed park)

From TMZ:

Officials in California are so sick and tired of skaters violating stay-at-home orders ... they straight-up dumped 37 TONS OF SAND into a popular park to stop the illegal boarding.

The skate-place-turned-sand-box is down in San Clemente, Calif. -- and witnesses in the area say despite "no trespassing" signs during COVID-19 lockdown ... people still skated the park.

So, officials decided to take matters into their own hands ... with CBS Los Angelesreporting authorities dropped thousands of pounds of sand this week to make sure people adhere to the orders.

You can see that officials have pulled the same move at the Venice skate park

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