Mel's Diner & Bob's Big Boy Bring Back Carhop Service During COVID-19!

This is just awesome!

If you love Bob's Big Boy or Mel's Diner just like me, you'll be happy about this news. If you are craving a grilled cheese or a cheeseburger, from one of these two places... now you can while practicing social distancing!

The two are bringing back their car-hop service!

Bob's Big Boy already has a built-in drive up window, but now your family can stay in the car and they'll bring your food right up to you!

Most people have never experienced this before, so it's so cool to witness old-school drive-in dining like this! Mel's Drive-In is also participating in this, all you have to do is park, phone in your order or use their website.

Are you going to do this?!

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