The MASSIVE Screen Inside SoFi Stadium is Being Tested

We are still months away from the opening of the brand new home of the Chargers/Rams - SOFI Stadium - and EVERYTHING we are seeing from inside is incredible

Not least of which - it's massive screen - known as "The Oculus"

From The Rams

The only two-sided oval center-hung video board in an NFL stadium, the Oculus is the only 4k end-to-end video production in sports. It also has the largest LED content playback system ever deployed. Every face/display can be uniquely programmed with live content, statistics or animated content. The idea of having a dual-sided display is that no matter where a fan sits in the stadium, they will have a video surface in front of them.  

The screens collectively have 80 million pixels, and behind them sits more than 260 speakers which handle all of the audio for the entire stadium. Additionally, the structure will house 56 5G antennas.  

All told, the content displayed on both sides of the Oculus aims to be better that what fans would see compared to watching the broadcast at home.  

Here's a peek

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