Miss the Movies? Try One of These Open Drive in Theatres

Below is an excerpt of an amazing article from Variety about the Drive In Movie Theatres just outside of LA County that have stayed open during the pandemic

They are some of the very few movie theatres open in the entire country

From Variety

The 300-some drive-ins that remain (or have been recently built), representing more than 500 screens, have inevitably received some media focus as places where movie fans with Netflix fatigue can safely see a film on a big screen again during a pandemic — since there’s no sneeze guard quite like a windshield or closed car window. Still, many have been forced to close, or been held up in opening for the season. Los Angeles County specifically included drive-ins in its theater closure order, which meant the two within county limits, the Vineland in the City of Industry and the Paramount near Long Beach, had to shut down in late March. The Mission Tiki’s two sister drive-ins in southern California, the Van Buren in Riverside and South Bay in San Diego, operated into April before being ordered closed by their respective counties.

Yet the trend is toward drive-ins that previously had to shut their doors — or gates, rather — being officially allowed to reopen, ahead of hardtops. As of this weekend, the Sacramento 6, which was permitted to reopen in early April, was believed to be the only other drive-in open in the state… which is to say, possibly the only other movie theater, period.

Read the whole article here - it's amazing

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