ALT 98.7 New Music Discovery Peach Tree Rascals “Things Won't Go My Way”

Inspired by everything from Kendrick Lamar and Frank Ocean to The Beatles and John Mayer ,

Peach Tree Rascals blends the sounds of alternative jazz, funk, and hip-hop. Peach Tree

Rascals started self-releasing music in 2018 and after 8 songs, have accumulated over 10

million streams to date. Comprised of producer/mixer Dom, rappers-singers Issac, Tarrek,

Joseph, and creative director Jorge, the five-piece collective first met in high school in the Bay

Area. Issac, having had an early start in recording and releasing music, moved to San Jose

where he befriended and eventually began collaborating with Tarrek, Dom and Joseph. Jorge

rounds out the group, taking the lead on photos, merch, and music videos that help amplify

Peach Tree Rascals' cross-genre appeal. Many of the Rascals are second generation

Americans with parents who immigrated from Mexico, Philippines, and Palestine. That

immigrant mentality comes through in the way they approach the project and their work ethic.

For the guys, Peach Tree Rascals is their extended family, and they've self-funded the project

through various jobs including working at Red Lobster and their local print shop. As the group

often says, “We're the Rascals and we do the best with what we’ve got, even if it’s not much.”

All songs and visuals done in house. Songs accompanied by music videos and merch drops.

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