Baseball Owners Approve Plan to Salvage MLB Season

Will baseball be the first major professional sport to come back?

They have certainly taken the first big step

From ESPN:

Major League Baseball owners approved a proposal that commissioner Rob Manfred plans to present to players Tuesday on a return-to-play scenario that aims to have baseball back in home stadiums by early July, sources familiar with the situation told ESPN.

The meeting between MLB and the MLB Players Association on Tuesday will set the stage for what both parties expect to be a contentious negotiation. While MLB could benefit long term from being the first American team sport to return amid thecoronavirus pandemic, the logistics of starting the season remain convoluted and require player support.

Money is at the heart of the return, sources said. Owners, fearful of deep financial losses with fan-free stadiums, agreed in a conference call Monday afternoon to a plan that includes a 50-50 revenue split with the players, sources told ESPN.

There's a long way to go before this becomes a reality - but looks like they are working hard at it

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