O.G. "Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater" Games Getting Remastered & Re-Released

These will be here September 4th

From The Hollywood Reporter:

The two titles (1999'sPro Skaterand 2000'sPro Skater 2) will be fully remastered with modern 4K, HD visuals and feature the original maps, professional skaters, soundtrack, tricks and modes from the original games, packaged together. The remasters will also include new features such as online multiplayer, new tricks, secrets and an expanded skatepark creation tool. 

"We're putting a lot of love and attention into these," Jean Oneal, studio head at Vicarious Visions, tellsThe Hollywood Reporter. "The levels are remade from the ground up, all the assets are completely remade, but if you still have that muscle memory to pull off a combo line, it's all still there."

Here's the announcement and sneak peek at the remastered games

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