Landlord Asked To Spend The Night With Woman After She Couldn't Afford Rent

Well this is just creepy!

A woman named Gail Savage was messaged by her landlord... but it wasn't any normal message. Her landlord asked if she would "stay all night" with him.

At first, she thought he had texted the wrong number. She is a single mom to her 2-year-old son and lost her job as a bartender due to COVID-19. She let her landlord know that she was waiting for her stimulus check to pay her rent for the month of April.

When she replied to his creepy text message saying she didn't know if that was meant for her, he replied back again saying that it was in fact meant for her.

He even admitted that he meant it in a sexual way. Yikes! Has something creepy like this happened to you before?

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