Maryland Bar Customers Will Wear Giant Inner Tubes To Pub Coming Soon!

This is the perfect way to practice social distancing. This restaurant in Maryland now is blowing up inner tubes on wheels so that people can return to bars along with practicing physical distancing!

Here's how it would work. Customers would come in with these large tubes around them and then they will be able to socialize from 6 ft. apart. They are called Bumper Tables that can fit up to 40 to 50 of them in each room. Guests would be able to mingle and do their thing without the staff having to enforce social distancing.

The new invention is manufactured by a company called Revolution Event which is ran by Erin Cermak. She says that her and her partners whipped these new creations up from scratch in response to the pandemic.

Would you wear one of these? What do you think of this idea?!

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