South Korean Football Club Apologizes For Filling The Stands With Sex Dolls

The stands this past weekend in South Korea weren't empty, that's for sure.

South Korean football team FC Seoul just apologized after fans accused the club of using sex dolls to fill the empty stands at their second game of the K League season.

The fans were banned from the ground as part of precaution to prevent the spread of COVID-19, but those who were watching online noticed something different about the mannequins that filled the stands. They were holding signs for a company that creates sex dolls and fans pointed out that they looked more like adult dolls rather than mannequins.

In response to this, the club issued out an apology on Instagram and Facebook. The statement read "Regarding the cheer mannequins that were installed during the game on the 17th, we sincerely apologize for causing deep concern to the fans."

What are your thought on this?

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