Check Out The Woody Show Prizes This Week!!

Listen to The Woody Show this week for your chance to win


-THE WOODY SHOW RENT RELIEF -7:50AM each morning!

The Woody Show will give listeners a 30 minute window to tune into the show. Then, at 7:50AM after that 30 minute window, caller 98 will need to answer the question correctly (based on content from those 30 minutes) for a chance to have their rent or mortgage paid (up to $3,000). BUT THAT’S NOT ALL – on Tuesdays and Thursdays, each winner will get the chance to HOOK UP A HOMIE with the same rent/mortgage!

-$100 Rock & Brews gift card

When you hear the cue to call, hit up The Woody Show at 800-782-7987 for your chance to win!