Mattel Explains The Viral Barbie Feet Instagram Trend


Have you seen this latest Instagram trend?!

Mattel felt the need to address the viral Barbie Feet Instagram trend that is currently happening. Many people have looked at photos of females and notice they are arched up on their feet so their calf muscles show which is why some women like to wear high heels.

Now, the new trend is instead of actually wearing heels, they are just pretending they are and it looks just like a Barbie foot without a shoe on!

The makers of Barbie, Mattel stated:

"As a global cultural icon for almost 60 years, Barbie is often referenced in cultural trends that are not created or endorsed by the brand.Today, Barbie is the most diverse doll line on the market with a variety of skin tones, body sizes, hair textures, and even dolls with flat feet that are resonating with consumers.”

Do you think this is a weird or normal trend?!

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