This "COVID-19 Free" Italian Town Is Selling Homes For $1.00!

Looking to buy a home? It will only cost you $1.00! As the countries reopen and travel resumes once again after COVID-19, a small town in Italy is selling homes for one euro!

In southern Calabria, the town claims to be a COVID-19 free village according to CNN. Other towns in Italy with homes on the market are selling for almost nothing and many people have been moving away to search for jobs and causing a trend of depopulation.

They are calling this "Operation Beauty" CNN states "Finding new owners for the many abandoned houses we have is a key part of the Operation Beauty [mission] that I have launched to recover degraded, lost parts of town."

Here's the catch, new home owners will renovate their house within three years, if they don't by the deadline it will cost them a fee. For more details, click here.

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