Heinz Is Selling Kits That Turn Their Sauces Into Ice Cream Flavors!

Ever dream of turning your favorite condiment into an ice cream flavor?!

Well now you can. Heinz is now selling kits that turn their sauces into ice cream. The kits come with one of Heinz's famous sauces and everything you'll need to turn the sauce into a sweet sorbet.

You'll be able to choose from flavors like ketchup, mayo, barbecue, saucy sauce and salad cream flavors. So there's a little bit of a variety depending on your mood.

Each box comes with a recipe card, reusable ice cream tub, gold spoon, and a gold ice cream scoop. All boxes will have equipment but you'll need to add your own ingredients like milk and cream for some flavors.

As of right now, these kits are only available in the United Kingdom, but you can check out the recipes online to make yourself.

If they're a hit... maybe they will come to the U.S.

Would you give this a try?!

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