Employers Are Sharing The Worst Things They've Seen On Job Applications!

Some of these may come as a shock to you... or maybe not!

Employers shared the worst things they've seen on job applications, so if you are looking to apply to a job anytime soon you may want to keep this in mind.

Reddit user @ramennewtls asked "Employers, what's the weirdest/stupidest answer you've seen on a job application?"

Here's a list of what people said:

  • In the 'criminal history' section, they checked yes and simply wrote 'rong place, rong time.'
  • I had someone bring in a résumé that was scrawled out on notebook paper ripped from a spiral bound notebook."
  • Applicant had been convicted for theft under $1,000. One special skill they wrote: 'money handling.
  • Their computer skills were copy and paste.

To see more, click here! Have you ever used any of these before?!

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