The NEOWISE Comet Will Be Visible Over LA Throughout July

Plenty of chances to see the NEOWISE Comet (which was formed approx 4.6 billion years ago) this month

After that - it won't be back until the year 8820 (or approx the time things get back to normal after the pandemic)

From WeLikeLA:

In order to spot it, viewers should look northwest and low to the horizon, aiming their gaze just below the Big Dipper constellation (or Ursa Major).

For the astronomically uninitiated, below is a screenshot from the Stellarium web app, which shows the comet’s projected positioning as of 9 p.m. local time in Los Angeles on Sunday. Note the comet’s orientation to Beta Ursae Major (part of the Big Dipper).

and more

Although the comet is visible to the naked eye, binoculars are recommended if you want a better look at the comet’s long, streaky tail. As with all night sky viewing, light pollution and cloud formation will play a part in visibility. Fortunately, the local forecast looks mostly clear over the next few days, which should contribute to increased visibility.

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