A Floating Movie Theatre is Coming to Los Angeles

When we found out this idea was happening in Paris we were excited - so you can imagine how stoked we are that it's coming to LA in September

Here's what we know

From COS:

The Australian entertainment and event company originally found success with their “boat-in” events back during pre-COVID times. Once the current pandemic set in, though, they decided to modify the event to uphold safety measures while still capitalizing on this creative way to keep movie lovers entertained.

On September 2nd, Beyond Cinema will host floating movie theaters in Los Angeles, Denver, San Diego, and San Francisco. On September 9th, those sanitized boats will relocate to St. Louis, Houston, Chicago, Miami, and Orlando. Then on September 16th, they will hold screenings in New York City, Pittsburgh, and Canadian cities like Vancouver, Toronto, and Calgary. Then the final string of US screenings will conclude on September 23rd in Austin, Cleveland, Philadelphia, Columbus, and Cincinnati.

Many more details are still to come, including the exact locations of each screening and what films will be playing. However, you can pre-register via Beyond Cinema’s ticket website.

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