A Floating Cinema That Practices Social Distancing Is Headed To LA!

Ever dream of watching a movie in a boat?!

Well now you'll be able to because floating cinema is coming to Los Angeles with social distancing boats for you to enjoy watching a movie in.

Beyond Cinema is headed our way on September2nd for one week and will bring this fun movie experience to Los Angeles. The cinema will have 12-24 mini boats which will hold up to eight people. You'll get popcorn for free and you'll even have the option to purchase extra drinks and snacks if you choose!

If you are interested in purchasing tickets, you will have to buy the whole boat so that groups of family and friends will be in the same boat to make sure social distancing is still being practiced.

We are still waiting to hear what movies will be played.

Seems like a fun time to me! Would you go?!

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