Couple Ask Possible Wedding Guests To Write Application Essay For An Invite

photocredit: gettyimages

This couple's wedding invites may look a little different! They are having a destination wedding but due to coronavirus, they don't know when exactly it will be happening.

Since their original venue made them cut down the number of guests to invite because they needed to cut down capacity. The bride's sister is sending out re-invites and asking everyone to RSVIP in essay form!

She stated "In order to figure out who to invite and who to cut, she's asking all confirmed guests to submit two 250-word 'essays' to two questions. The gist is that they'll use these essays to choose who can come or not, based on people's enthusiasm. People who don't write the essays at all will be automatically disqualified." 

The two questions are:

  • Why do you still want to celebrate this day with us?
  • What will attending our wedding mean to you specifically?

Would you write an essay back or just not go?!

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