Californians Are Renting Out Their Pools By The Hour Due To COVID-19!

Since the pandemic has caused a lot of places to close down, homeowners in California are renting out their pools in their backyard to strangers for extra cash.

Think of it like Airbnb... but for pools! All you need to do is use Swimply, which is a start-up that lets people offer their backyard pool for rent by the hour for a 15% service fee. One couple in Los Angeles told KTLA that they made around $7,000 by letting strangers use their pool.

When you visit their website, as of right now there are 165 pools listed in the Los Angeles area with prices that range from $30.00 an hour to $75.00 an hour. Some are listed as kid friendly and others state they are more resort like.

So if you are afraid of crowds at the beaches, maybe this is the safer way for you to cool off this summer!

What do you think about this? Would you ever do this?

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