The Perseid Meteor Shower Starts Tonight!!!

The "best meteor shower of the year" starting tonight!

Though the moon will be a bit bright - there should still be a lot of action

From KTLA:

The shower will peak with the most number of meteors during the late evening hours of August 11 and early morning hours of August 12 — which coincides with the last quarter moon phase, or a bright half moon.

Even though it’s not a full moon, it will still have about 52% illumination, bringing the expected number of meteors visible down from more than 60 per hour to about 15 to 20 per hour, according toNASA.

The space agency iscalling the eventthe “best meteor shower of the year.”

Once evening falls, expect to see a meteor, or a shooting star, streaking across the sky every few minutes. Hopefully, clear skies will allow for the best viewing of these bright meteors and fireballs.

The meteor shower is also visible on August 10 and August 13 as well

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