A Cow Chase Leads To A Couple In California Being Rescued By Helicopter!

Imagine being chased by cows and running for your life?!

An elderly couple came in contact with a cow and her calf which then required the California Highway Patrol in Northern California to get involved. The couple fell to the ground after a cow chased them in the Lynch Canyon Regional Park and then they were saved by a helicopter! In the video, you see the highway patrol mid air and a cow and calf are seen standing a few feet away from the couple on the trail.

The cow is then seen rearing its head while the calf is close by. The officials then had to lift the couple 75 feet into the air and transported them to a hospital to treat them for any injuries.

As of right now, we have no update on the cow or calf.

Have you ever been chased by a wild animal?!

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