A "Stranger Things" Haunted Drive Thru is Coming to Downtown LA

This is going to be massive

A "Stranger Things" drive thru haunted house is coming to downtown LA this fall

from welikela

Stranger Things: The Drive-Into Experience” comes via Netflix, Fever, and Secret Cinema. It’s an hour-plus tour that takes place entirely in your car. Though the exact location hasn’t been announced, we do know you’ll drive through a multi-level set (perhaps a parking garage?), stopping along the way to enjoy vignettes from the sci-fi series. You’ll visit the Starcourt Mall, underground Russian labs, and, of course, the Upside Down. Expect actors, special effects, and fully immersive scenery—so, sort of like a spooky car wash. 

“Stranger Things has always been larger than life and we wanted to flip the world upside down for our fans,” Greg Lombardo, Head of Experiences at Netflix, said via a release. “So buckle up like Billy is driving, keep your eyes on the neon lights, and steer clear of the shadows because there’s no telling who or what you might come across in Downtown Los Angeles this October. Whatever you do, don’t get out of your car!”

Tickets go on sale next week for $59 per car (worth it) - find out more here

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