L.A.'s Haunted Hayride is Happening (with some changes)!!

Halloween (like everything this year) will look much different in 2020 - nice to know that despite a few key changes - the LA Haunted Hayride will be back

From WeLikeLA:

This version of Haunted Hayride will be much different from previous years. No more boarding a crowded trailer stuffed with hay and slowly cruising through Griffith Park, as fun as that’s always been. This year, you’ll stay in your car as you drive down the ominous “All Hallows Lane” to your final destination: a narrative, multimedia show that unfolds via lighting, sound, special effects, creepy sets, live actors, and a 40-foot screen. 

One of this year’s other big changes is the venue. According to Thirteenth Floor Entertainment Group creative director Jon Cooke, bringing a line of cars into the usual spot at Griffith Park just wasn’t possible. So this year, the portal to Midnight Falls is in San Dimas at Bonelli Regional Park. 

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