Ever Dream Of Smelling Like Puppy's Breath? Now You Can With This Fragrance

photocredit: gettyimages

Happy National Dog Day!

What better way to celebrate than smelling like your pup.. am I right?! Demeter Fragrance launched a new scent called Puppy's Breath. According to the company, it took them over 20 years to perfect. Don't worry, you won't actually smell like dog breath. The scent captures the experience of meeting a cute pup for the first time.

The smell is a revelation of warm, wet and wonderful comfort that is slightly sweet, organic and alive according to the website's description. You'll be able to purchase the new scent in many different forms. In comes in different size cologne spray bottles, shower gel, body lotion, a massage oil, mini splash and even an atmosphere diffuser.

Would you ever want to smell like puppy's breath?!

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