Here's How To Get Paid $1,000 To Take A Digital Detox At A National Park!

Need a break from social media? You can make $1,000 for taking a digital detox and here's how!

A company called Satellite Internet helps people living in remote spaces find the best internet plans in their areas. They will select one winner to take a 48- hour digital detox in an RV at a U.S. National Park.

Here's what you'll need to do, you'll have to rent an RV that you'll be reimbursed for, head out to your favorite National Park for a weekend without WiFi! Then once you reach the third night of the trip, you'll be able to use a mobile hot spot or a local restaurant with WiFi to share the experience online.

You'll be paid $400 upfront and then you'll get the remaining $600 when you finish the job.

Would you ever do this?!

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