This Gas Station is also One of LA's Best Restaurants

You don't have to live in LA long to realize that the best food doesn't always come from the fanciest places

Here's a great example

From LAist:

Allow us to introduce you to The Bombay Frankie Company. If you haven't heard, they've been quietly serving up frankies (or wraps) and other dishes from the subcontinent from their storefront at a Chevron station in West Los Angeles.

But back to the frankies. The so-called "Indian burrito" comes with a choice of three fillings: chicken tikka, tandoori paneer, or aloo gobhi (which is vegan). And the wrap? Choice of naan, garlic naan (both baked daily in a clay oven), or roti. Add chickpeas, jeera (or cumin) potatoes, mint chutney, tamarind sauce, and some other toppings, and voila! Your pit stop is complete.

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