An Ohio Woman Calls Police Over Phallic-Shaped Meat Found In Her Stew!

An Ohio woman was concerned about the type of meat she purchased at the supermarket while making dinner.

The meat was phallic-shaped. The woman recorded herself on Facebook Live, showing off her beans and meat simmering on the stove. As she stirred the food, she discovered the meat that didn't match the smoked turkey tails that she purchased.

She even checked her store receipt to make sure she purchased the smoked turkey tails, when she looked at the package, it said smoked pork tails. When the police came, the woman said there were 10 officers outside of her home and were treating her house like a crime scene. An investigator from Summit County Medical explained that it was pork and likely a pig tail because of the contained bone.

How crazy?! For more info, click here.

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